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  Simplify Your Cable Installation
rj45 plug

Simplify Your Cable Installation

One of the bothersome and time consuming parts of cable installation is labeling the cable runs. The cable needs to be identified on both ends while being pulled in order to keep them straight for labeling later. This means that each time you start a cable run you have to mark the end of each cable in your run, usually identifying it's destination. After the cables are pulled they need to be marked on the other end with the same identifier. If the cable need to be cut off on the it! This can be time consuming to keep track of.

Here is a simplified approach.
Just pull your cables and terminate them on both ends.
Now use Ideal's new economical DataLite tester to identify your cables. Simply plug a DataLite module into each port of your patch panel and then go to each workstation outlet and plug in the test unit. The corresponding port on the patch panel will light up allowing you to then label the panel accordingly. Here at Control Cable we are always on the lookout for innovative products to make our customer's jobs easier. That's why we partner with manufacturers like Ideal Industries who always seem to come up with new ideas to make working with wire and cable a little easier.




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