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  Fiber to the Desk
rj45 plug

AMP Brings Fiber-to-the-Desk Closer to Reality With Revolutionary Fiber Optic System

AMP has introduced a new fiber optic component system that offers the port density and ease of use of the RJ-45 modular plug. The company has announced a number of new fiber optic products that are compatible with the new MT-RJ system being jointly developed by leading fiber optic manufacturers. The announced products include a family of optical transceivers, an MT-RJ connector, a receptacle jack, cable assemblies, patch panels, and wall outlets.

The MT-RJ offers a system approach to fiber optic premises cabling design. It considers all components from the hub transceiver, through the cabling system patch panels and outlets, to the network card transceiver at the workstation. Its footprint is compatible with existing copper-based faceplates at the workstation and patch panels in the wiring closet, providing the same port density as copper-based systems. These new products are part of a continuing effort by AMP to enable fiber-to-the-desk applications by making fiber components easier to use and by reducing the costs of installing fiber. At less than half the size of an industry-standard SC connector, the duplex MT-RJ connector is as small as an RJ-45 plug. The connector uses a proven ferrule technology similar to the multifiber MT style, but in a smaller two-fiber size. Fibers are on 0.750-mm centerlines.

The connector features an enhanced latching mechanism, which has the same press-to-release simplicity of a modular plug. The small size of the connectors and coupling receptacles allows for higher-density patch panels, which translates into fewer racks and enclosures. Factory-terminated and testedcable assemblies are also available in standard and custom lengths.

The MT-RJ system offers a true plug-to-jack mating system.Panel-mounted jacks, which fit into the same cutout as RJ-45 jacks, allow an epoxyless, no-polish termination of fibers with the same ease as a copper cable punchdown block. Fibers are simply cleaved, slid into the jack, and locked in place. The MT-RJ system is the result of joint efforts by AMP, Siecor, USConec, and Hewlett-Packard to create a multisourced solution for a smaller, less expensive fiber transport system. It is the only miniature, low-cost solution that offers a system-level approach and the backing of several major manufacturers.

Here at Control Cable Inc. we are proud to be in partnership with AMP Inc. to be your source for innovative products such as the MT-RJ Optical Fiber Cabling System.

As always if you would like more information on this topic you can call our Tech Support Department at 1-800-296-4411 and choose option #2.




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